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Why Use Us ?
Customer Satisfaction
Cost Efficient
Time Efficient
Security & Your Privacy
  expresstype transcription services

  Why use us?

expresstype is an in-house transcription service that allows you to send dictation on tapes or digital files, having it transcribed, proofread and returned to you through email within 12-24 hours. We maintain strict standards in speed, accuracy and client privacy, ensuring our service to you is to your complete satisfaction. We offer:
  •  Experienced professional typists
  •  Independent proof-reading, to ensure accuracy
  •  Our service can receive your dictation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  •  Formatting to template
  •  File upload facility available for larger files
  • Our transcriptionists have been with our company on average for more than 5 years, transcribing from Government departments, legal firms, medical facilities and individual professionals.

    By using expresstype you can cost effectively cover peak demands, overflow, typists sick or on annual leave. You will never be without transcription again.

  •  There is no obligation regarding how frequently you use our service
  •  expresstype gives you the freedom to use the service whenever required,
          without affecting your pricing, priority or work quality
  • Normal turnaround is between 12 and 24 hours. A more urgent service (typically 3 hours) is available when requested, with an additional charge being incurred.

    For an estimate on pricing, please request a quote.

      Customer Satisfaction
  • Tony Scott, Cardiologist:
    "I use the expresstype digital / Internet based dictation and transcription service exclusively in my private practice. I have found the service efficient and very accurate. It has significantly simplified my work flow and has avoided the cost and effort of setting up my own dedicated transcription service.”
  • Rocky Douché, R. P. Douché Consulting Ltd.
    “With a quick and accurate turn around, plus the most friendly and accommodating attitude, it's the best bureau service I've used.”

  •   Cost Efficient

    Unlike other typing companies, when you choose expresstype, there are no registration, set-up or administration charges. In addition, expresstype have no minimum charge; you pay only when you use the service.

    For an estimate on pricing, please request a quote.

      Time Efficient

    Peak Period Overflow - expresstype offers you a simple and responsive way to manage overflow work during times of peak demand. Using expresstype means you can still meet target turn-around times on crucial documentation without dramatically increasing costs.

    Typist Cover - expresstype is an easy solution for covering your typists when they fall sick or are on leave. You will never be without a typist again.

    Daily Work - We have many clients who use the expresstype service for all their transcription requirements. You can have a fast, reliable, accurate typist available to you at any time, without the high cost of employing one yourself.

      Security & Your Privacy

    Your work is safe with us. expresstype undertakes confidential work on behalf of a number of government departments.

    All voice files are deleted immediately after transcription and all typed data is held for 24 hours or otherwise as you direct. Non-disclosure forms are available if required.

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